GBS Recruitment proudly provided Gippsland leaders, GBS temporary workers and GBS employees with a presentation from Wiremu & Marsella Edmonds, “STAND IN THE GAP – United we stand divided we fall. 

Wiremu Edmonds is a Health and Safety Advocate and 4th generation bushman and he delivered a raw message about unsafe worksites to the attendees for this invitation only event.

Some key points that all attendees took away from Wiremu and Marsella Edmonds presentation:

  • Culture is created by the leaders; work environment, processes, procedures, practices and actions
  • Health and Safety is everyone’s responsibility, leaders and senior staff need to be advocates, leading by example
  • Communication is vital; verbal, body language, written material and visual images
  • Courage is required to speak up and stand in the gap

Some quotes that Wiremu provided in his message:

“Is it asking too much of any leader to stand tall and be a model before the people – not only in the ordinary aspects of leadership but in his or her behaviour.” If values are not established and adhered to at the top, behaviour down the ranks is seriously jeopardised and undermined.

“It is not wise, or even possible, to divorce private behaviour from public leadership…by its very nature, true leadership carries with it the burden of being an example.” Gordon B Hinckley.

“Our lives begin to end the day we remain silent about the things that matter . In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends”. Martin Luther King.

GBS Recruitment thank all who attended and shared this experience with us!

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