The purpose of reference checks is to gather information and verify facts stated by the candidate during the application process and interview. GBS make contact with the candidates supervisors and/or manager to clarify the candidates work performance and to gain any recommendations to assist GBS to validate our assessment.

References are checked by GBS at two different times:

Reference checks are an excellent tool to assist in making a hiring decision on a prospective employee. Records and notes taken during the reference check are retained by GBS Recruitment indefinitely. The information gathered during the reference check will include:

If the candidate did not include references on their application or resume, GBS will insist that they provide at least two or more individuals who have a professional relationship with the candidate, preferably current or former managers.Before references are contacted, GBS gain the permission of the candidate to check references to avoid any breaches of confidentially.

Referees are validated by researching and confirming their respective positions and contact details, to what is provided by the organisation directly. This will ensure that we are speaking with the named individual and organisation, offering full security that the reference check is valid.References can be a service provided to you on its own (a part of the GBS unbundled service), would you like to know more? Please contact Rob Darby, 03 5174 2665.

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