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Robert Darby, Managing Director of GBS Recruitment collaborates with employers and industry leaders throughout Gippsland and Melbourne's South East and specialises in delivering strategic and tailored recruitment solutions to businesses operating within both the private and public service sectors.Robert has extensive experience in recruitment and business management roles in the UK and Melbourne. Robert joined GBS Recruitment after moving permanently to Gippsland in 2009 with his family. Robert’s skills and experience have delivered fresh and innovative ideas to GBS Recruitment since his commencement.Since beginning with GBS, Robert extended his expertise by becoming an Accredited Professional Recruiter and more recently an Associate Member (MRCSA) with the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association. An Associate Membership is only secured after a minimum of seven years relevant, recent, and ongoing private recruitment industry experience. Robert also holds a Diploma of Human Resource Management.In 2015 Robert became a partner at GBS Recruitment and over the next five years a gradual and strategic ownership transition took place which eventuated in Robert and Rachael Newton fully purchasing the business from its founder in 2020. Robert takes pride in meticulously overseeing every aspect of the business, he excels in crafting tailored recruitment solutions for employers and his customer-focused approach remains at the heart of the GBS brand, reflecting a commitment to providing nothing less than outstanding service.GBS Recruitment continues to thrive as a trusted name in the industry, delivering unparalleled recruitment experiences for all involved.Contact Robert via: [email protected] or 0408 542 886

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